Life is better with University Credit Union


Say goodbye to the high fees charged by big banks. Keep more money in your pocket.

When you actively participate with our University Checking account and have additional loans with us you could yield up to 5% APY in dividends*.

Here’s how:

  • University Checking* – Earn 1% in dividends
  • Car Loan with UCU – Earn 1% MORE in dividends
  • Credit Card with UCU (University Rewards, University Cash-Back and the University Cards) – Earn 1% MORE in dividends
  • Consolidation Loan with UCU – Earn 1% MORE in dividends
  • Mortgage with UCU – Earn 1% MORE in dividends

That’s a total of 5% in dividends!

You don’t have to go anywhere else for your financial needs since UCU is always in the top 1% of all the best rates for banks and credit unions nationwide.**

The average individual member savings last year was $318. If you take advantage everything the University Checking has to offer, you can save an average of $1,100 or MORE per year in addition to earning 5% APY on your money. That’s why banking with your brain pays dividends!

Take advantage of everything UCU offers by joining online.

Member Testimonial

"After my car was totaled a week ago I was extremely surprised to find I could get a new car for almost the same price. Now I have a new car almost 1 week after losing my old car and I couldn't be happier!"

- Shayla Y.