Sometimes, fees will apply


You don't want to hear that. We get it. But we're keeping these fees and charges as low as possible, which we're able to do because we're a not-for-profit credit union and we're not in the business of gouging you. Take a look at these fees, and if you have any questions, please contact us.  We'll explain everything, and we might be able to suggest a better account or service to save you money.

Service Fee
Close Account (Within 6 Months) $10.00
Reopen Account (Within 6 Months) $25.00
Account Reconciliation and Research $30.00
Copy of Statements or Transaction History FREE (for past 24 mo. otherwise $3/pg)
Copy of Deposited Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order (If available) $10.00
Collection Item - Domestic $20.00 /ea
Collection Item - Foreign $55.00 /ea
Insufficient Funds/Uncollected Funds $30.00 /ea
Returned Deposited Item $15.00 /ea
Self-to-Self Returned Item $30.00 /ea
Official Check Payable to a Third Party (Free for Advantage Checking only) $5.00 /ea
Official Check Stop Payment, Renewal, Release or Replacement $30.00 /ea
Wire Transfer - Domestic Incoming FREE
Wire Transfer - Domestic Outgoing $20.00 /ea
Money Orders $2.00 /ea
Check Cashing (Non-member for on-us checks) 1 $10.00 /ea
Inactive Account and Low Balance (Inactive for 12 months and balances of less than $200.00, waived for < 18 Age) $5.00 /mo
Bad Address $5.00 /quarterly
Notary Service (Free For UCU Documents) $15.00 /ea sig
Escheatment $2.00 /notice
Legal, Levy or Garnishment Processing $50.00 /ea
Reporting Correction to IRS Due to Incorrect SSN/TIN $50.00 /ea
Verification of Deposit to 3rd Party $10.00 /ea
Overnight Delivery Pass thru
Cash Services for coin (over $200 per month) 10% of deposit
Shared Branch Transactions (at any CO-OP Network Shared Branch location) FREE
Bill Pay (Offered with a valid checking account) FREE
Service Fee
Insufficient Funds (NSF) FREE
Next Day Check Payment $15.00 /ea
Same Day Payment for Electronic Payee (Limited Availability) $12.95 /ea
Account-to-Account Transfer to Other FI FREE
Stop Payment (if allowed) FREE
Copy of Corporate Check FREE
Service Fee
Value Checking (waived with account activity, a minimum DAB > $200, or a CD, MMKT or Loan Balance, e-statement) $5.00 /mo
Interest Checking (waived with minimum DAB > $1,500) $10.00 /mo
Advantage Checking $10.00 / mo
College Checking (waived with activity or eStatements. Undergraduates age 18-23) $5.00 /mo
Fresh-Start Checking $10.00 /mo
Teen Checking (Age 13-27) No monthly fee
Organization Checking (waived with account activity, a minimum DAB > $200 or a money market with a balance) $5.00 /mo
ACH/Stop Payment, Renewal, Release $30.00 /ea
Overdraw Privilege (ODP) (Paid through Share Draft, ACH, ATM2 or Everyday Debit Processing2) $30.00 /ea
Insufficient Funds/Uncollected Funds $30.00 /ea
Overdraft Transfer from Savings (Account Transfer fee) $3.00 /ea
Copy of Paid Check (First two per month Free) $5.00 /ea
Temporary Checks (one set free for New Accounts) $10.00 /set
Check Printing Varies by Style
University Checking No monthly fee
Service Fee
Private Party DMV Processing $50.00 /ea
Existing UCU Loan Refinance (Non-Real Estate Loans) $200.00 /ea
Automobile Lien Release $20.00 /ea
Service Fee
ATM Transactions at UCU or CO-OP Network ATMs FREE
ATM Withdrawal - Non CO-OP Network ATMs $2.00 /ea
ATM Inquiries - Non CO-OP Network ATMs $2.00 /ea
ATM Transfers - Non CO-OP Network ATMs $2.00
ATM / Everyday Debit Transaction Overdraw Privilege (Opt-In Required) $30.00 /ea
Signature-Based Point of Sale Overdraw Privilege (Opt-In Required) $30.00 /ea
Card Replacement (1 FREE per year) $15.00 /ea
PIN / Card Rush Order $50.00 /ea
PIN Replacement FREE
Copy of Point of Sale Debit/ATM Transaction $10.00 /ea
ATM Deposit Error/Empty Envelope $30.00 /ea
Foreign Country Transactions (Subject to exchange rates) FREE
Service Fee
IRA Account Transfer (outgoing) $30.00 /ea

Member Testimonial

"After my car was totaled a week ago I was extremely surprised to find I could get a new car for almost the same price. Now I have a new car almost 1 week after losing my old car and I couldn't be happier!"

- Shayla Y.