Fees and Charges


We understand, no one likes to pay fees. That’s why we’re aiming to keep our fees and charges as low as possible. Being a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we’re able to pass along savings to our members in the form of lower fees. If you have any questions about the information below, feel free to contact us.


UCU has developed the following initiatives to lower our fees to help members impacted by COVID-19


  • Forbearance on all real estate loans for up to 90 days (with appropriate documentation)
  • Increase limits on our mobile check deposit amount from $5,000 to $10,000 daily. (hold limits still apply)

  • Lowered consumer secured loan rates on new loans by 0.50% (a 20% reduction from current rates)

Service Fee
Close Account (Within 6 Months) $10.00
Reopen Account (Within 6 Months) $25.00
Account Reconciliation and Research $30.00 /hr
Copy of Statements or Transaction History FREE (for past 24 mo. otherwise $3/pg)
Copy of Deposited Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order (If available) $10.00 /ea
Collection Item - Domestic $20.00 /ea
Collection Item - Foreign $55.00 /ea
Insufficient Funds/Uncollected Funds $30.00 /ea
Returned Deposited Item $15.00 /ea
Self-to-Self Returned Item $30.00 /ea
Official Check Payable to a Third Party (Free for Advantage Checking only) $5.00 /ea
Official Check Stop Payment, Renewal, Release or Replacement $30.00 /ea
Wire Transfer - Domestic Incoming FREE
Wire Transfer - Domestic Outgoing $20.00 /ea
Wire Transfer - Foreign Incoming FREE
Wire Transfer - Foreign Outgoing $66.00 /ea
Money Orders $2.00 /ea
Check Cashing (Non-member for on-us checks)1 $10.00 /ea
Inactive Account and Low Balance (Inactive for 12 months and balances of less than $200.00, waived for < 18 Age) $5.00 /mo
Bad Address $5.00 /quarterly
Notary Service (Free For UCU Documents) $15.00 /ea sig
Escheatment $2.00 /notice
Legal, Levy or Garnishment Processing $50.00 /ea
Reporting Correction to IRS Due to Incorrect SSN/TIN $50.00 /ea
Verification of Deposit to 3rd Party $10.00 /ea
Overnight Delivery Pass thru
Cash Services for coin (over $200 per month) 10% of deposit
Shared Branch Transactions (at any CO-OP Network Shared Branch location) FREE
Bill Pay (Offered with a valid checking account) FREE

1Amount may be restricted.

Service Fee
Insufficient Funds (NSF) FREE
Next Day Check Payment $15.00 /ea
Same Day Payment for Electronic Payee (Limited Availability) $12.95 /ea
Account-to-Account Transfer to Other FI FREE
Stop Payment (if allowed) FREE
Copy of Corporate Check FREE
Service Fee
University Checking No monthly fee
Value Checking* (waived with account activity, a minimum DAB > $200, or a CD, MMKT or Loan Balance, e-statement) $5.00 /mo
Organization Checking (waived with account activity, a minimum DAB > $200 or a money market with a balance) $5.00 /mo
ACH/Stop Payment, Renewal, Release $30.00 /ea
Overdraw Privilege (ODP) (Paid through Share Draft, ACH, ATM2 or Everyday Debit Processing2) $30.00 /ea
Insufficient Funds/Uncollected Funds $30.00 /ea
Overdraft Transfer from Savings (Account Transfer fee) $3.00 /ea
Copy of Paid Check (First two per month Free) $5.00 /ea
Temporary Checks (one set free for New Accounts) $10.00 /set
Check Printing Varies by Style

*Checking Account option is no longer available.
2ATM or Everyday Debit Processing Overdraw Privilege requires explicit OPT-IN from member.DAB = Daily Average Balance

Service Fee
ATM Transactions at UCU or CO-OP Network ATMs FREE
ATM Transactions - Non CO-OP Network ATMs (Up to $25 per month reimbursed with a University Checking Account) $2.00 /ea
ATM / Everyday Debit Transactions Overdraw Privilege (Opt-In Required) $30.00 /ea
Signature-Based Point of Sale Overdraw Privilege (Opt-In Required) $30.00 /ea
Card Replacement (1 FREE per year) $15.00 /ea
PIN / Card Rush Order $50.00 /ea
PIN Replacement FREE
Copy of Point of Sale Debit/ATM Transaction $10.00 /ea
ATM Deposit Error/Empty Envelope $30.00 /ea
Foreign Country Transactions (Subject to exchange rates) FREE
Service Fee
IRA Account Transfer (outgoing) $30.00 /ea

Member Testimonial

"After my car was totaled a week ago I was extremely surprised to find I could get a new car for almost the same price. Now I have a new car almost 1 week after losing my old car and I couldn't be happier!"

- Shayla Y.