Meet Royce, Your New Virtual Assistant


University Credit Union is pleased to offer our members a fast and efficient way to get your questions answered. Meet our virtual assistant Royce.



What is Royce?


Royce is an AI (artificial intelligence) powered digital assistant that can answer questions, help you find resources on our website, provide account information and more.


What can Royce help you with?


It’s simple, really. You ask Royce a question and you’ll get an answer right back. Here are just some of the things Royce can help with:


  • How to open an account
  • How to register for online banking
  • Product questions
  • Investment services information
  • Finding your nearest branch or ATM
  • Hours of operation


Benefits and Advantages of Using Royce


At UCU, we are always leveraging the newest innovations and providing our members a variety of options for how they communicate with us. Royce offers the quickest, most efficient way to get answers from us without having to call the contact center or visit a branch.


Why is UCU using Royce?

UCU aims to assist our members in the quickest and most efficient manner. Royce will be able to provide support for general questions 24/7.


How accurate is Royce?

Royce is able to accurately respond to many different questions and is constantly learning to answer more questions to better serve our members’ needs.


Are my interactions with Royce secure?

Interactions with Royce are secure by using the latest encryption technology. Our team continuously monitors for potential security vulnerabilities.


Is Royce only available during business hours?

Royce is available for your convenience 24/7.


Is there a fee to use Royce?

Royce is a complimentary virtual assistant offered by UCU to enhance our member experience.


What languages does Royce respond to?

Royce is only able to understand and respond in English.


What are the best supported browsers and operating systems to use Royce?

In the current implementation, Royce is supported in the following operating systems and browsers:


Operating System

Windows® 7 build 7601 and higher

Mac® OSX 10.12 (Sierra) and higher



Chrome™ 68 and higher

Safari® 12 and higher

Firefox™ 62 and higher

Edge™ 15.15063 and higher


Will Royce be able to answer and respond to more inquiries in the future?

Yes, Royce will have additional capabilities in the coming months as well as a dedicated team that will look at opportunities to improve and enhance Royce’s features.


Will Royce be available in other channels other than the website?

We hope to utilize Royce in different channels in the near future.


Can Royce help me open a new membership?

Yes! Royce can direct you to the online membership application to become a UCU Member.


What information do I have to give in order to use Royce?

Depending on your request, Royce may ask for additional information to best answer your questions. This may include authentication questions.


Can Royce answer my loan application questions?

Royce can direct you to the department that your application is associated with, but cannot provide you with status updates at this time.


Can Royce put me in touch with an actual member service representative if my question can’t be answered?

Yes, if Royce cannot answer your question, you will be given the option to call or chat with a member service representative.


Can Royce perform the following account functions: reviewing account balances and transaction history, making online payments, and performing account transfers?

These are not features that Royce currently has. Royce will be able to perform these in the coming months.


Do you keep a record of my conversations with Royce?

Royce does not keep a record of conversations with members.


How do I skip using Royce? I only want to speak to a live person.

If you prefer not to use Royce, you can speak to a representative by following the prompts. You may also chat or utilize UCU Live! Video Banking during normal business hours.