Powerful and easy to use, these calculators help you get the most from your money.

We have a calculator for nearly every type of personal finance situation you'll encounter, from saving more money to planning for retirement to getting a loan that fits you perfectly. We're happy to provide the products you need, and we're ecstatic to show you how to use them to your greatest advantage.

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Monthly Budget Tool

Need a little more breathing room? Use this calculator to analyze your fixed and flexible expenses. Then you'll see areas where you can save more money each month.

Emergency Savings

Get an idea of how much you should save to cover 3, 6 or 12 months of unemployment or other emergency circumstances.

Life Insurance Planning

Your financial portfolio isn't complete until you have the proper amount of life insurance to provide for your loved ones.

Saving for Higher Education

See how far your college savings may go, and get an estimate of how much additional money you may need to save to pay for college.

Student Loan Refinancing

You may be able to reduce your student loan burden by refinancing your student loans with a UCU loan at a lower rate.

Mortgage Refinancing

Plug in your numbers and get an idea of how refinancing your mortgage could help you save money monthly or over the term of your home loan.

Debt Payoff

It's in your best interests to pay down debt quicker. Choose from two methods with one goal - save money.

Paying Debt vs. Investing

When you have extra money in your budget, see how your rate of return could compare to the cost of your debt while taking taxes into account.

Growing Your Investment

Estimate how much money you may earn from your investments over time, based on the amount of money you invest and the expected rate of return.

Your Retirement Lifestyle

Estimate how your lifestyle choices in retirement, compared to your current lifestyle, may affect your expenses.

Pre-Tax vs. Roth Analyzer

Consider the tax advantages of these two options to find the retirement savings option that works best for you.

Retirement Conversion Analyzer

If you've built up a healthy amount of retirement savings in a Traditional IRA, it may make sense to convert to a Roth account.

Borrowing from your Retirement Plan

Borrowing from your savings may provide solutions in the near term but could negatively impact investment growth and cost you in loan fees.

Withdrawals before Retirement

Before you tap into your retirement savings, see what the impact could be by using this calculator.

Planning for Retirement Expenses

This helpful budget planner can give you a sense of the amount of money you need a different points throughout your retirement.

Retirement Account Rollover

Would you benefit more from rollover or a cash-out? Choose the option that delivers the most for your money.

Minimum Required Distributions

Depending on the type of retirement account you have, you'll be required to withdraw a certain amount of funds at a specific age.

Withdrawals in Retirements

See how your bottom line could be affected when you take out funds, and estimate how long your savings may last.

Budgeting Tools

Take control of your finances so you can analyze your monthly expenses and find opportunities to save more.

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Practice and small steps lead you toward financial stability and your goals.

Take your first step now.

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Practice and small steps lead you toward financial stability and your goals.

Take your first step now.

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